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Migrasia Global Fellowship: Empowering Advocates for Change

The Program

The Migrasia Global Fellowship Program offers a transformative opportunity for exceptional migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong who are willing to return to their home country – primarily the Philippines and Indonesia – and join Migrasia as Migration Specialists. Our Fellowship is dedicated to investing in and uplifting outstanding individuals, equipping them to advocate for other migrant workers. By leveraging their hands-on experiences, our Fellows become more effective in their roles while also making a positive impact on the communities they return to.

Furthermore, this initiative allows them to earn a sustainable income while being with their families, fostering a generational investment in their community's growth. Moreover, Migrasia gains from the Fellows' experience in job-seeking abroad and their understanding of the challenges faced during the migration journey. There are no other programs in Hong Kong, and possibly in Asia, that offer tech training to migrant workers with the specific vision of empowering them to use technology to improve their careers and serve their communities.

What We Offer

The selected participants will undergo a part-time, specially curated training program, which includes tech training and essential skills. This training will provide comprehensive knowledge of the organization’s mission and workflows. Upon successfully completing the Fellowship, Fellows may receive an invitation to join our Migration Support Team on a full-time basis, allowing them to continue their mission of making a positive impact in the lives of fellow migrant workers.

Migrasia Global Fellows will receive a monthly compensation equal to or greater than what they were earning as domestic workers in Hong Kong. Additionally, they will be provided with IT equipment to ensure a conducive work setting.

Fellowship Focus Areas

Collaborating closely with our Migration Specialist team, Fellows will support migrants in accessing vital information and solutions using technology tools, empowering them to migrate safely. The latter half of the Fellowship entails working alongside the Migrasia team on a special project that aligns with the Fellow's skills, interests, and the organization’s current priorities. Possible project areas encompass community outreach, research initiatives, or operational enhancements.

Fellowship Pathway

This exclusive opportunity is primarily offered to enthusiastic individuals who have successfully completed the EmpowerU program. Based on students’ performance during the program and understanding of learning outcomes, participants will be encouraged to apply for the Fellowship during the third term of EmpowerU's comprehensive two-year course. From this group, only a select few will be offered the Migrasia Global Fellowship opportunity. The application process involves both online and in-person recruitment for the program.

Benefits and Support for Fellows

Through mentorship and training opportunities, Migrasia Global Fellows are equipped with the tools they need to become transformative leaders and ambassadors of change for migrant workers:

  • Training and Upskilling: Fellows receive comprehensive training and skill development opportunities, empowering them with valuable knowledge and expertise to provide assistance to their fellow nationals seeking to work overseas or already working abroad.

  • Networking and Community Building: The Fellowship fosters a strong sense of community among Fellows, enabling networking opportunities and peer support to enhance their learning and experiences.

  • Personal Empowerment: The Fellowship fosters confidence and self-belief in Fellows, empowering them to embrace new challenges and realize their potential as leaders and change-makers.

  • Professional Growth: Participation in the program opens doors to unique professional growth prospects, allowing Fellows to advance their careers and achieve personal milestones while staying in their community.

  • Lifelong Learning: The Fellowship journey inspires Fellows to maintain curiosity and openness to acquiring new knowledge throughout their careers. They are expected to develop competencies in data analytics, automation, IT support/assistance, which can be valuable in working on social projects, starting a business, or seeking better employment opportunities back home.


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