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Migration Support

We identify victims of human trafficking and debt bondage and provide access to referrals and redress mechanisms, including highly specified in-person legal assistance. We provide victims and potential victims with actionable information via social media to prevent exploitation.

Online Migration Support

We meet our clients where they are. We reach out to and serves our beneficiaries via social media, including a network of Facebook pages, Facebook groups and Messenger Chats.

Our online migration support programme aims to combat trafficking and debt bondage by providing actionable information to prevent exploitation. This includes information about redress mechanisms, written and video support guides, and where appropriate and necessary, referrals to our in-person clinic or other civil society organisations for further tailored assistance.

Migrasia’s extensive social media reach allows us to engage with and provide online support to vast numbers of potential and actual victims of agency, employer and money lender exploitation, scam victims and individuals in need of repatriation.

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In-Person Migration Support


Migrasia’s clinic is the only community-based service in Hong Kong with a specialized focus on money lender cases in addition to agency and employer concerns. The clinic works to educate, support, and connect to resources and remedies.

The clinic ties together Migrasia's core stakeholders.

  • Migration Specialists in the Philippines

  • Research Team in Hong Kong

  • Global Migration Legal Clinic at HKU

  • Corporate sponsors and volunteers


Cases start online where victims are identified — filings and claims are then referred to the clinic for further support. The casework grounds our understanding of the problem and serves as the foundation for our research, partnerships, and strategic litigation.

Migration Specialists Case Studies

An Illegal Contract Sale in Riyadh and a Long Road to Repatriation

Illegal Recruitment to Cambodia leads to months-long detention in Malaysia

Justice in the Philippines for OFW's Pay Deductions Suffered in Singapore

Filipino Workers Seek Refund of Placement Fees For Non-Existent Jobs in Poland

Migration Support by the Numbers

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Inquires (questions) responded to.



Individual clients received direct assistance.



similarly situated individuals benefited from our work.



case referrals.

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