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The Problem Now

Every year throughout Asia, millions of men and women migrate to find work needed to support their families. This migration process is fraught with challenges ranging from non-transparent placement practices to inadequate education.

Employment agencies often deceive and manipulate the placement process for their own financial interests and even if a job placement is successful there is inadequate resources available for migrant workers to advance their skills and livelihood.


Unless action is taken, over the next century, these problems will become exponentially larger and negatively impact the development of countries throughout the world.


Hear it from the protagonists


"Every year, hundreds of workers like me lose their access to a transparent employment system ......"


"One common problem at the time, especially among Indonesian workers, was that we were underpaid—we received something like half of the minimum wage. For example, I was supposed to be paid around HK$3,600 a month, but actually received only about HK$1,800. Employers would make excuses for this, saying that it was because we don’t speak English...."


Our current goal and methodology

Here at migrasia, we aim to curb the menace by disseminating relevant information to the migrant workers and apprising them of their rights. We assist them in evaluating their case legally and if they can file or claim a lawsuit against the fraudulent agency/money lender/MSOs to recover their lost resources.

We also try to track illicit practices being carried by these agencies, and shell required info on the fraudulent agency to the public.

We also run EmpowerU, which aims to provide vocational and other imperative educational and social skills to migrant workers in Hong Kong. This provides them the relevant platform.

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